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Break-in type and oil consumption poll

I wanted a poll but not sure how to do it. Even just several people if you could post how you spent your first 1200 miles of the car and than give your mileage and how much oil you tend to burn between changes roughly.

0-400 kept it below 5k, varied gear shifts quite a bit on highway and city
400 and beyond, went up to 7k consistently hard until 600 and after that I was hitting redline multiple times a day from then on and it has never stopped.

Essentially I did minimal break in beyond 400 miles and then drove the piss out of the car. I did this the same with my old 5 series and it was a great enigne with no oil loss.

I firmly believe given a few hundred miles for all the parts to sync together etc is good but the harder you drive, I feel valves get seated more effectively, the tolerances where oil is lost is tighter and overalll the harder the break in-the less oil burned down the line.

Any other info