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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
Sorry but I hate these threads "dealer did this, shop did that" but I'm "not going to tell you who they are".
Yeah I mean I understand the OP doesn't want to give the shop a bad rep because it could have been an honest mistake.... but still, the whole point when you make a "garage/shop/dealer did XYZ thing badly" is to inform everyone else on the forum WHAT shop did it, so we can avoid it in the future. If you don't name the place then the thread is just OP complaining with no purpose :P

You could always wait till you talked to the first shop in Pasadena, and if they refund you and admit that they must have missed it, then you're good. Or if they weasel their way out of it and avoid paying you, and are generally very rude to you, then you tell us who it is so we can avoid them