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Wow, first time I stumbled on this post. I have some questions though.
Almost all manufacturers are making aluminum calipers with their brake kit, yet RB has opted to go for stainless steel. Is there something that the rest of the world doesn't know? I understand the concept of less heat transfer, but if this was the case, wouldn't Brembo, AP, and the rest of them make SS calipers. In contrast, Brembo 380mm (all araound) kit shaves ~25lbs from the stock assembly. This is having a larger diameter brake rotor too.

Looking at the info on the website, the weight savings for a stock size replacement (with 2 piece rotors) are 4.5lbs/corner/front. I don't know what the weight savings on the caliper would be.

The price seems phenominal for the value which you are getting. BUT again, this gets me thinking. What does the rest of the world doesn't know?

What are other sizing for the the rotors?
Any extensive testing on the kits? any cold weather or harsh enviroment tests?

Also, I only see front kits, are there any rear kits available?

Looks like both 360 and 380mm kits use the same caliper. Wouldn't the contact area be different? or do they just increase the diameter of the hat for the bigger kit?

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