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New 2012 E93 M3 possible lemon? Please Help!!

I leased a brand new 2012 convertible BMW M3 back in april 2012, where the roof comes together on top of the windows I noticed the roof was leaking water inside my car and dripping all over my seats on all 4 corners. I have taken it in for that specific reason twice already both times they were unable to identify the problem and told me to come back when its rain season (this was over summer and I noticed it at the car wash). I took the vehicle in again recently (12-11-2012), and they found the problem. However they have not been able to get my car back. First they said it would take a couple of days. Then after a week they said the roof has been taken apart and they are waiting for the "special glue" to come in, since it was holiday time they said it would take a little more time. I did not bother them until after Christmas. The week before New Years I called for update and still part was pending but they said they can have it back same week. I said ok, no problem get the car back to me when you can. I waited till after New Years to call them on the following Wednesday, I got no response and then a called back Friday to find out the "special glue" still has not come in. Service said they would call me first thing Monday. Today is Thursday and no call has been received. The car is a lease and I paid his payment for December and now January payment is here, but I have not driven my own car. The car has had issues since date of purchase, I believes it came defective from Germany because the car was brand new with less than ~14miles on it when I purchased it. I work out of town most of the week so I sent my dad in to collect the service paper work and find out whats going on. **On a side note my 2010 M5 also has engine/piston issues and is at service as well, we are looking at a new engine being placed in there as well.** At the dealer yesterday, the service rep gave us all the print outs outlining the numerous times I have taken it in for various different issues including the leaking roof as well as left over glue residue in certain parts of the car. They gave me a phone number to call and was told I could have it all settled very fast with them. I looked up the # its fro BMW road side assistance, does that sound right? I have read some posts of other people having similar issues with various 3 series hard top convertibles and saw mixed results when they contacted BMW NA. Tomorrow marks my car being in service for 30 days this 1 single time, not including the previous times they had it. At this point I just want all my money back including the down payment, my car is less than 1 year old and less than 10k miles. Any thoughts or suggestions on what I could do?