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Keeping the miles down then mate! I've done 6k in mine so far.

I'll be keeping 'him' (all my cars are blokes - lol) for at least another 18 months. I bought the spoiler off ebay for 150. It was used but in near perfect nick. I just had to prep the underside and spend time clearing the old residue off. Also lucky to find the seller was in Burton so i bought straight away without fannying around bidding.

I fitted it myself with the help of a friend. Wasn't nice watching the old one come off though
To be honest I need to do it again as I'm not 100% happy with it. It looks great from a distance but you can see residue of the 3M tape across the edge. Will have another go when the weather improves.

Not sure if the OEM 2 piece splitters look right on this colour scheme... I quite like the Vorsteiner splitter. All are very expensive for what is technically a potential tarmac plough so may keep an eye on fleebay.

I took him to the 'ring in Aug. Unfortunately it rained the whole time but I managed 4 laps. If you haven't done so already you should get over there as it's brilliant. Loads of petrol heads there!
Will probably go again later this year.

I'd quite like a 911 GT3 at some stage in future...

What do you think you will go for next?