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UPDATE: I have been driving around with this bracket all week... here are my initial impressions:

The first day, I decided to take it easy and drive with the plate flipped up (so that it was showing while driving). With it flipped up there was no scraping with the exception of going in and out of a few steep driveway declines/inclines. The slight scraping was more noticeable going down the decline rather than up. The only time it would scrape is if I tried to take it head on though and not if I angled out of the driveway (as I normally would anyway to avoid scraping my front lip).

The second day, I tried to be a little more brave and drive with the plate flipped down... and lets just say I would not advise this. Sure enough I scraped on driveways and everything with a slight incline/decline and put a small scrape in the letters and numbers on the plate. Nothing too noticeable or anything but it definitely would get worse and not better.

What I do love about this mount is that it actually provides a buffer for my front lip and protects me from getting too close to bump stops and provides some scrape protection for the bottom portion of the lip. The track and motor mechanism are still operable but now I simply hide the plate only when I am parked. So unfortunately the front end is a bit ugly while driving and the plate shows but I guess thats a small price to pay so that i can avoid tickets. The nice part is when I want I can press the button and tuck the license plate away and avoid the unsightly plate.

If others are interested in doing this modification, I would suggest either the lower mounting location (like i did) if you dont have a lip. Or if you have a lip or simply want to avoid damaging the mount at all, install it at the top portion of the lower grille. You will have to modify the grille by dremeling out a 1 1/4" x "the length of your plate" section to allow for the plate to clear the opening but it should all work and come out very clean. If you want to go the extra step you can have the mount painted body color which would disquise it even further.

A few people have asked me where I got it from... here is the link

There are definitely improvements I would have made if I were the manufacturer but all in all I would rate it a 7 out of 10 for design, quality, construction, and ease of install.