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Paint Problems

So I have to ask everyone. . . .

This is my 2nd E92 M3 in the past 2 months. Both ordered brand new from Germany.

My issue:

When I was watching my first car get unwrapped of all the packaging plastic that comes on it for shipping I noticed a mark on the hood. This threw a red flag up so I told the body shop to note that on the delivery report and the driver signed that he noticed it as well.

The mark appeared to be dust / dirt under the clear but above the paint.

After having the car for less than a week and waxing it 2 times, I noticed more and more spots of the same kind on various parts of the car. I called my rep and told him I am refusing delivery and he completely agreed after visibly seeing the issues with the paint.

I recently took delivery, (a few days before christmas) of my 2nd E92. Inspected the car closer at the dealership but didn't notice any flaws. Again after waxing the car, I noticed a few. Maybe not 12-15 like the first one, but like 3-5. I also have black/orange dots on the car. Some seem to come off with washing and washing and others seem to remain?

My question is, am I being too picky? Should there be imperfections in the car directly from the factory? Is it because Im ordering mineral white mettalic?

Has anyone else found these problems with there paint? On someone elses paint? Anyone ever here of this period???

PLEASE HELP!! Here is a picture if you can make out the spot.

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