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Originally Posted by newbmwuser View Post
i would never buy from jomashop, authenticwatches etc.

they may/may not be real, but another problem is how long they've been sitting idle, and the first thing you may need to do upon recieving it is a service (which cost as much as car servicing btw ).. also most online grey markets dont offer manufacturer warranty, instead they provide their own shoddy version)

grey market is not worth the hassle, their prices seem great, but after a bit of haggling in a brick and mortar store, you wont be paying too much more. if you can claim tax (via work or travel) you might even be able to beat it.

best of luck

I agree. You need to take the time to see what options best suit you.

A watch from an authorized dealer will likely only cost 3-500$ more then the lowest price you will see online. Which is nothing considering that could mean next to nothing on some expensive watches. People with grey market will get turned away on the spot with some brands if they go in for service. The real dealers are threaded with losing the brand if the service grey market watches in some cases, so, it is worthwhile to pay a few extra $

Also, creat a good relationship with a dealer and they will bend over backwards to help you because they want repeat business.

My "watch guy" deals with both myself and my dad, and he is great to work with. He actually ended up picking up the Nomos line because of me. He is now 1 of 4 retailers in the US carrying the brand. So take the time to create the relationships, they pay off for both parties in the end.

That is if you plan on having multiple watches