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Let me tell you how greedy my X is. When we started taking about divorce I made a generous offer to her. This was my offer:

1 – Let me buy you out on the house
2 – I will help you to buy a town house you like
3 – After you put down the money that you get for the current house on the new town house, I will pay for the mortgage until the house is paid off.
4 – I will pay the association fee, taxes, property insurance
5 – If your new town house need any kind of repair or upgrade (kitchen, bathroom, paint..) I will either do myself or pay for it
6 – Take any furniture you want from the current house. If you need any other furniture or appliance I will pay for it.
7 – I will continue to pay for every single bill you will have : Car insurance, cell phone, medical insurance, every single utility bill (gas, electricity, phone, cable, internet, water, sewer…)

Believe or not she didn’t accept it.

Then I made an another offer : Take the house which has over $300,000 equity and $200,000 cash on top of it. She did not accept it either!

Because she figured she would get more money through alimony ($3400 a month, 25 years (earliest I can retire) = $1,020,000 plus $67,000 in child support.

Guys, please don’t let your feelings effect your judgment. My X is the most irresponsible and the laziest person I have ever met but I never thought she would go after me so hard to get every single penny she can get from me!!! When it comes to divorce woman become greedy monsters because they feel that they will never find another guy who would take care of them. So they try to get as much as possible to financially secure themselves. The older the woman the worse this gets.