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Originally Posted by texasmojo View Post
Nothing wrong with dating an overweight girl. My wife was average size when we got married, then gained massive weight after pregnancy. Thanks to lap band now she's hotter then when I first met her. You know how people say "good looking girl but bad attitude" or "great personality but overweight" well I managed to get both good ones.
LOL- there's nothing wrong with YOU dating an overweight girl because that clearly isn't one of your needs. For me, it's a deal-breaker. Not only does it dramatically reduce my physical attraction, but it tells me something about the respect she has for her own body, her will-power, and how likely she's able to keep up with me. I don't want a girl who'll lose weight because i want her to- I want her to take care of herself because it's important to HER. If she can't take care of herself now, it's even less likely she'll be able to as she ages. If you're willing to accept that limitation, that's fine.

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