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Originally Posted by BEAR-AvHistory View Post
Sometimes life sucks. Its a he said - he said & the cop holds all the aces. Pay the ticket & move on.

If its a points ticket pay the traffic lawyer, get it plea bargained to no points & move on.
Originally Posted by BOBKUR View Post
Pay the man, you will never win.
Worst advice ever. Stop sign tickets are the easiest to fight. Trial by written declaration will get you out of 80% of your tickets. Just by writing in you already have a great chance of winning.

Never say anything to a cop. Take the ticket and fight it. I also mess with them psychologically, I figure its for wasting my time lol. One time a cop pulled me over for plates and I told him to give me a ticket for my tints as well since I had those on and I know they're illegal. His response: " Whats wrong with you?!?!" and proceeds to give me my papers back and lets me off the hook with everything lol. haha