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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post

The only downfall of the Vette is the fit and finish and in specific, the interior. I had always heard how great the M3 was so when the opportunity came, I decided to order one. This is without one single test drive, so that was my fault. I believed the hype. Of course the M3 shines in many areas and especially in places where the Corvette lacks but when you drop that kind of money on a car like this, I would have expected more power. In the end, I would not get an M3 again given the chance.
I did the exact same thing. Came from a C5Z, almost bone stock and it would BLAZE. I'd never even driven a BMW, bought mine sight unseen because of what I heard about them. The fit and finish of this car is miles beyond any vette, and as such, I will never go back to a vette. But the lack of bottom end torque really irks me. You have to wring this car's neck to get it to go.

I won't say that I won't buy another M3 though, seeing as how the M4 is supposed to have another 100 ft lbs. That will be sufficient, definitely. Otherwise, I f-ing LOVE this car.