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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
Wow! Sounds like you just described my marriage: one does all the work and other one just enjoys it but does not even appreciates... Looks like we both made same mistake
Same here, i cooked, i cleaned, i folded the clothes and paid for her education.... fuck i even paid for her fucktards friends wedding dress...and her fucktards kids xmass gifts!

And sure no man is perfect but dont' listen to that life time woman is perfect either. But good luck arguing that point...note not a single woman has said a fucking word in this thread! Why? Simple in their mind no matter how good the dude....shit you could give her a kidny and chew her food for her...and it's still your one way some way somehow it's your fault.

And that fucking pisses me off! My x wife cheated on me...point blank the cunt cheated no me. You think other women would look down on her...ha ha FUCK and NO! My favorite line thus far has been "I'm sure you did something wrong for her to cheat on you." If that sentence does not hurt your are seriously fucked up. It's like saying "Girl, if you weren't such a slut you wouldn't get raped!" And what really makes you want to drop kick puppies into wood when guys trying to appease pussy say it...really bro...really? WTF!

It's shit like that which started me to look at the ground at 125mph and thinking...hey how bad can it be?
I can't imagine how bad it would be if I had kids...fucking A that would be a head down dive into the ground from 14kft!

So, for all of you who are getting this shit sandwich from people, please don't get down on your self...ok?

Women are crazy and those fucktards who are just kissing up to them are just pathetic!