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Here's the BMW bulletin regarding the matte paint..

Since June 2010, certain BMW models are painted with “Frozen” or “Matte” exterior paints. With the launch of the all-new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, a Frozen Paint was released for the first time as a factory option.
This two-stage paint process consists of a color base coat, followed by a specially formulated matte finish clear coat. Aside from having a unique appearance, this paint also has several unique properties which require unique handling. We encourage you to share the care instructions with prospective customers.
Cleaning and Care:
• Never polish or wax the vehicle.
• No products that are even mildly abrasive, such as polishes, glazes, or compounds, should be applied to the surface of the paint.
• No mechanical means of cleaning the surface, such as a buffing wheel, should be used.
• The only recommended surface applications are BMW insect remover and car shampoo.
• NOTE: These products must be used gently and applied with a BMW sheepskin wash/polish mitt. Rubbing too aggressively (speed and/or pressure) could result in glossy spots which can only be repaired by repainting the panel.
• Any outside materials, such as insect remains, tree sap, resins, tar spots, oils, etc., must be removed immediately using approved products, or damage may result. Repairing such damage can be time-consuming and costly.
• Hand washing the vehicle is preferred; however, automatic car washes may be used, provided the following precautions are taken:
o Touch-less car washes are preferred over those with brushes.
o Car washes that use brushes may be used, but the brushes must be soft. Plastic bristle brushes should be avoided.
o Be sure to select a wash program that does NOT apply a surface wax. No wax from an automated car wash should ever be applied.
o High-pressure water should be used prior to entering the car wash to remove any surface contaminants, such as dirt, bird droppings, etc. If not removed, these could scratch the surface of the paint.
Due to the nature of a matte finish, dirt and debris on the paint surface are less noticeable than on a glossy surface. However, when washing/cleaning the paint or repairing it, the above recommendations must be followed. If these recommendations are not followed, the result could be paint that has an uneven surface finish, bright/glossy spots, or colors that do not match.
This paint is covered under the new vehicle warranty for defects in workmanship and materials only.
Any other types of damages, from outside influences or improper care, including scratches, swirl marks, glossy spots, etc., are not covered by the vehicle warranty.
We do offer the BMW car shampoo, insect remover, and sheepskin wash/polish mitt in our Fluids/Car Care Catalog here.
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