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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
Thanks for your response and what I was hoping to hear. I will do a roller application. I honestly don't even mind if it's lumpy or ugly, as long as it protects. But somehow all of you guys have applied it with a roller and got some pretty good application / even showing results.
I use a roller. Im not too anal about the appearance. If you really want appearance and to mask off the car, spray it and all, that sound time consuming. Plus, I would think a misted spray would be thin. When you roll it on thick, the stuff evens out on its out. Try different techniques to find what you like.

The biggest benefit though is the ease of removal and time saved. That's why I roll it on and wash it off. Usually I have had a detail guy come to my house and spend 6+ hours detailing my car after a track day. After the clear bra lasted 2 years, I said the hell with it. This stuff simply is a time saver, and it looks pretty damn good in comparison to blue tap or that road wrap plastic. Its very easy.

Last week, I had my buddy come over and we coated the front of his truck, and the sides of this white toy hauler since he is moving up to San Francisco. A decent 8 hour drive. When he got there he used a pressure washer at a drive through car wash and it removed ALL of the road grime off the side of his trailer and truck. His words were: "You saved me my entire Sunday of cleaning."
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