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Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
I know exactly what you mean. It really depends on how fast you decelerate
That's true, match revs is only necessary while deaccelarating rapidly.

Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
I am saying that most times to just downshifts normally like my Lexus and other times when it downshifts the rpm's rev way up. I am sorry I am not explaining it well.
I will only match revs when necessary, such as hard braking, while making downshifts.

Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post

My conclusion is the same. DCT will rev match if your foot is on the throttle even in S1, S2 or S3. I actually use this feature as I usualy use S2 on my DD. If I want a quick downshift while braking, I blip the throttle with the heel and toe technique and I get a nice and quick rev matched downshift .

This behavior of the DCT seems to be part of the software fix for the DCT lag issue, as the car did not behave that way when I originaly got it in 2008.
Not necessary to heel/toe in a DCT. The transmission will match revs for you when it is needed, such as rapidily deaccelarating. Just use to paddles to downshift, while braking hard and transmission will match revs by blipping throttle on down shifts.

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