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Originally Posted by kwike92 View Post
Buying new wheels.. Or buying a complete exhaust system and tune...

If I get wheels I want to get some 18in super laps

Exhaust will be test pipes tune and some sort of axle back..

This is currently a daily driver and will track it in the future once my car is paid off...

What should I do?! Lol
I have $$$ burning my pockets right now.
Go for Akra Evo full system (2nd hand) or test pipe + tune. You get to hear and tangibly feel a performance enhancement everyday in-and-out of the car. Wheels are great at first, and you see them when outside the car, but that wears off too quickly IMHO. Plus, the exhaust / tune are things you'll want for the track for fun too. $3-4k TE37 SLs can wait, very pricey, but of course nice and high quality. If you want it all (including Track Wheels), look at APEX EC-7s or ARC-8s, track rats swear by them. They are inexpensive, and honestly they look pretty damn good and are also quite light.