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Originally Posted by Optherion View Post
Never for me. If you go over gaps just keep the coat even so when you peel it off it has a uniform bond. Try to avoid the mesh grill area. It peels off literally like Saran wrap. Pulls off even easier with a pressure washer and soap. I then used a mit to wash the car and hit a few tiny areas. I did some testing in every way possible before putting it on the CGT. This stuff is amazing. The time it saves over using painters tape and the cost of a clear bra. Even if you get an expensive clear bra, it will yellow and get black tire rubber that you have to spend hours buffing out with cleaner wax.

If you have ever watched NASCAR to see the saran wrap like wraps they rip off the windshield to have a clean windshield on a pit stop, this stuff literally comes off like that. Viola! Clean car!

Spraying it on might make it too thin, I had awesome luck using a roller and 2 layers. I might do 3 just for the hell of it because the stuff goes a long ways. Best of all, even if you use the roller you can faintly see up close some roller marks but who cares! 10 feet away its gorgeous matte finish and photos that people sent me of the car from the track day look amazing from on track. Much better than blue painters tape ruining some good photos!
Thanks for your response and what I was hoping to hear. I will do a roller application. I honestly don't even mind if it's lumpy or ugly, as long as it protects. But somehow all of you guys have applied it with a roller and got some pretty good application / even showing results.