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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
Wow it's been a long time, Sam! You +/- for 2013 so far?

Which bear ETF?

Umm... You can't short TVIX. It's not optionable. TVIX also grossly tracks it's NAV and is probably the worst-designed VIX ETF trading on the market today.

My point was to show you how evil the double and triple leveraged etf's are....time decay!

On side note, there is discordance in the mkts...Russell and TRAN breakout without SPX/Dow confirmation...dollar looks like it has bottomed on IT basis and VIX close to doing so.

Perplexing thing is this, dollar looking like it has seen IT low but metals look like they are ready to stop the leakage...hmm.

As my posts have been confidently saying for well over a yr now, I see new all time highs late this yr, but now I see this is a 60:40 chance now...seeing some things I dont like now....we shall see.