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Originally Posted by Curt2000 View Post
I've been a long time 335i owner waiting on the right time to make the upgrade to the M3 and have decided to buy into the end of an era of NA M cars by purchasing a 2013 e92.

I have an allocation with a west coast dealer which I am in the process of configuring but am having a really hard time deciding on the options.

Four things I am sure of...I'm getting MT, black cloth, carbon leather trim, and a BMW individual color (It has already been approved but I want to save revealing my decision on the paint for a project/build thread at a later date)

I'm torn between buying the car with no further options, adding M220 rims, or just splurging and getting ZCP.

My questions it worth it to get ZCP? I don't plan on tracking the car but I feel ZCP might improve the desirability of the car after several years much like the e46 ZCP and can save me from lowering the car with aftermarket springs.

Should I nix ZCP and equip the 220M rims which are equally desirable to the ZCP rims IMO but don't carry the EDC premium with them and lower the car with aftermarket springs?

Or should I just order the bare minimum an go aftermarket for rims and suspension?


if your goal is to keep the value of the car, why get aftermarket rims and suspension? that lowers your value. i would do zcp and just enjoy it like that. however if you dont like zcp wheels and are planning on changing those after, then dont bother and just do aftermarket stuff.