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Originally Posted by BMWrules7
Originally Posted by STi_traitor
Ugly interior and extremely overpriced. Seems like this car will become a nice indoor decoration.
Agreed. This deal wouldn't be worth it if they had a "buy one, get one free" special.

I would want to see some certifications and a formal appraisal.

However, some may feel this is a beauty and a real steal.
There is no way to appraise a car like this. There is only 1 so there is nothing to compare it to. You might start with the GTS and go from there.

Only other way is to add up the cost of the material, quality of the work, man hours/labor and an HP calculator to crunch what has been dumped in this car.

Not a fan of the car as a whole, but I have to give it to them reducing the weight by 330 lbs, squeezing a V10 in, carbon fiber panels, and the top speed is something to be proud of.

To each his own...