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Originally Posted by Tuner1
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It is called clutch curve setting and clutch slip adaptation. I have done this myself and it will be a completely different car until it re adapts to your driving style. Autologic will do it. It is typically only recommended at the dealer if your have the dct out or replaced or do clutches. I have found this to cure many complaints from people that have bought these cars from a owner that drives much different than them. This allows the DCT to adapt to new owner.
Thanks for the info. I will hook up the Autologic tomorrow

My DCT is behaving differently during automated, decel, off-throttle downshifts since adding the supercharger. Hopefully this can be tuned out.
I know some will disagree, but the fact remains that engine braking is changed after a SC install and that is one of the "inputs" that the dct is looking at. I also felt a change in shift characteristics after SC install.