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Originally Posted by muccels View Post
Yeah it seems I see Prius drivers speeding and trying to go fast all the time.. Wait thatís me!! lol.. So my Mom left the country and l dropped her off at the airport in her car. Well I've been commuting with it this week as my vette's battery has had some issues and the M is under the cover for the winter. So having driven this a few days some things I notice.
When you first accelerate you have to go at it slow off the line for the electric part. Once you get going though it accelerates nicely for a commuter. You don't appreciate a great handling car until you drive a car that doesn't handle like a performance car does! Itís pretty roomy and a comfortable car for a commuter. The basic controls on the touch screen controls aren't too bad. The braking on the car very is different. When you first step on the break it actually grabs pretty quick! That doesn't mean though you stop faster. Seems to grab quick but awhile to actually stop. Not sure how much the prius weighs but I could see this thing getting squirrely and unstable with any speed to it. People sometimes don't realize a lighter vehicle many times will take longer to stop then a like vehicle with some weight to it.
The Prius is in its class for what it is. How people drive things is a totally different thing. Funny story I actually drove the M to work about a month ago cuz all my other vehicle were having some kind of issue (never drive the M to work). Well I'm on an expressway and see this prius to my left at the stoplight with new plates. I knew a girl I worked with had gotten a new prius but wasn't sure if it was hers as we weren't too far from work. So as the light turns green we both take off at a regular pace. I start to speed up a bit as our 2 lanes merge about 1/2 mile away. Well as I'm coming over low and behold the prius is now tailgating me!! I'm like ok now to put some a small amount of hammer on the prius. So I take off to extend my space between the vehicles and then slow up a bit ahead. Well the Prius comes rolling up again on my tail so I do the same thing a few times before I land at work. Well come to find out it was my coworker and she didn't know it was me. She went on to say wow whose car is that and I love that car. I bagged on her for tailgating me in her new prius and joked about it. Itís funny though how I see commuter type cars driving like they stole it though! lol.. Well you never know it might be a M driver behind the wheel of one! Keep an eye out I'm rolling up on you haha, well for a short period of time though and no I won't be driving it for leisure but just for the good gas mileage!! lol
what do you mean you bagged her? she sounds hot, you sure are you did not mean tea bag?