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Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
Maybe you should throw this stat out there. Why don't you look at his complete game and career. Championships won. Sub par players he has carried to a championship oh yeah and why don't you compare his shot attempts to Jordan.
Why? We are talking about this season and this season alone.

Speaking of Jordan, he averaged 50% career FG% and 30PPG along with 5 Assist and 6 rebound

Unfortunately haters will always be haters but the one thing you will be upset about ALWAYS. He is headed to the hall of fame and will go down as arguably one of the top 2 to ever play the game.
Oh yeah, I'm hating for throwing a few stats that analyst puts out.

I could care less if he shoots 50 times and scores over 40 a night. At least someone on the team will be scoring because right now the rest of the players suck.

Hate to tell you that if Meeks, MWP, Hill and I could go on were on any other GOOD team they would be warming the bench. Outside of Pau and Howard, Kobe is surrounded by a bunch of "C" players or players that "were" good.
Do you expect a team to be full of "A" players?

What a joke. Like 4 superstars on one team isn't enough already..