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Wow, Speed Yellow WORKS on the E92 M3!!

Count me as another person that doesn't normally like yellow, but I really like both Dakar and your Speed Yellow!

That must have been some feeling, to view her for the first time and feel.... "OMG, I made the right choice!!!"

Oh, and I love how 'clean' your M is.

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Sick color. Is there any reason in particular you skipped the nav this time around. I'm about to order one and want to go with a cleaner look that will age better but keep thinking I will regret not getting the navigation even though I know I don't need it.
This is a decision only you can make yourself and I suggest you make it with your gut. I started a thread asking people what they thought and 98% of them advised me to get the Nav.

In the end, I could never warm up to the iDrive dash. I have not for a minute in the last 5 months missed iDrive/ Nav. (We have it in our 335i). In fact, I smile every time I get into the interior, knowing I got it exactly the way I wanted it.

iDrive is a very good system though, I can understand why others want it.

Pretend you are stopped at a red light and the exact same car - except for Nav/ no Nav - rolls up next to you. Which one would you wish you had? There's your answer.
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