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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
I beg to be different then most of my fellow members above .... besides the exhaust is pretty cool as it is now.

Get the wheels ... you will see them and love them each time you approach or leave the car (we all look back ).

As for the exhaust you cannot see or hear it when you leave or approach the car can you now
Listen to Canadian Yoda.

The rims will be sick no matter when you buy them and they probably won't be any cheaper next year. Next year performance used/new parts will cost less.

Girls won't care if you have 414 or 500 hp anyway. The car and the sound it makes is going to scare the crap out of them either way. However, they are going to look at the rims, and so will you.

If you want more hp, a super charger kit is the vital thing you need to improve hp. Approximating, you could spend 10k and get 200 hp on a super charger kit or spend 10k on modding other things and get <100 hp.