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You're in California, my home state which I miss. I used to live in LA and had some, errr, experience with similar matters.

#1 - In-N-Out rocks. Nothing comes close. Nothing. Every time I go back to LA, my first stop from the airport is the In-N-Out on Sepulveda.

#2 - Trial by declaration. Fight the ticket, and at your arraignment, plead not guilty and request a trial by declaration. They have to grant it to you. You write your version of events and submit it. The cop has 30 days to do the same. If they don't respond (many wont, they are lazy) you automatically win. If you lose, you can still have a normal court trial for the ticket.

#3 - Prior to the court trial, file a motion for discovery. There is a time limit for you to do this, if you do it the day before the court date, its too late. I can't remember the details but it was 30 days of the arraignment or something like that. Google it. This gets you their notes and you need to research what to put there to get the video, but same thing, if they do not comply with motion for discovery within 30 days, when you go to court, you can ask the judge for a motion to dismiss the case because your discovery request was not timely met.

Google trial by declaration, and motion for discovery, and see the laws that govern this in case they have changed since I was in CA.

I have won tickets simply by filing a trial by declaration which received no response. If you are good with google and research, you don't need a lawyer for any of this.

Unless the cops are from Ventura County, in which case you're screwed no matter what. Do not ask me how I know that.