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Originally Posted by UCBPhD View Post
Is it possible to leave the headlights on??? I have never even moved the selector off of "auto".

So, the three possibilities here is (1) you have a short, or some feature (i.e., auto headlights) is not working, (2) you are no longer charging the battery when the alternator is spinning, or (3) your battery is dead.

Of course, you need to debug the root problem, but I would not think you damaged the battery or alternator when you jumped it . . .

One problem is that (I don't think) a 15 min. drive is enough to replace the energy needed for a start. So, short drives will not help you.
It's possible, there is a notch to leave the light on just two notches to the right of the auto notch. There was no problem, it was just the headlights left on that led to the battery drainage.