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Originally Posted by ptack View Post
You'd probably be ensuring that his life is indeed too short.
Yeah that's a great point. I wouldn't give my 16-18 year old son a sports car for this very reason.

But by 24-25 most people are mature enough to handle that the kind of responsibility that comes with driving a high HP sports car. This why insurance rates typically plummet once men hit 25 years of age.

Then again, most of the guys in the video were in their early to mid 20s and they still showed poor judgment on the road, so it's a tough call. Maybe I'd wait till my son/daughter was 28-30. Or maybe I'd install some kind of speed/GPS monitoring device.

Anyways it's a moot point because realistically I'll never be in any sort of position to buy my children a Lambo or a Ferrari, etc.