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Originally Posted by Jaypod View Post
Nice choice, but I have to say, I was looking forward to a track car build thread
Me too. Particularly with a car like the FD RX-7. Oh well...doing a track build the M3 will be cool as well. I just bought a BBK yesterday (StopTech 380/365 with drilled rotors). Not the best but will do fine for my skill level. I and am now researching suspension.

Originally Posted by Raucky2000 View Post
That works, but one of my golden rules: Whatever your track car is, be prepared to write it off. If you can't stomach the pain of writing that check then pick a different car.
Agree 100%. I've given it a lot of thought. I'm ok with it.

Originally Posted by 96LTWM3 View Post
Hustling 3800lbs around a track is not as fast as it sounds, regardless of HP. Fun? Absolutely! The E92 is still balanced and a hoot to slide around in. But you may find yourself still getting passed by S2000, RX-7,and E36.

BTW Thanks for beating the snot out of your 2013, its much appreciated by the community

Im interested in seeing your results with the blower and DCT during high heat track sessions.
You are sooo right. Currently I only have engine mods. It was supposed to be an airstrip (roll-on) car only. So at larger tracks it does ok...although the brakes are the achilles heel so I just bought a BBK to be installed next month. And with the stock suspension, it's a complete slug around the tracks with tighter turns and less open straights. Next, I will be looking into suspension.

@ 3,800 lbs, no matter what I do, unless I remove weight, it will never be able to do what a 3,000 lb car can do. I realize that...and I'm ok with that.

The car has performed flawlessly so far at 2 track events but the conditions were cold. The VT2 with the air to water intercooler seems very good as keeping IAT's down, which in turns keeps oil temps down. I can rest my hand on the intake manifold after 20 laps in a row. But I'm expecting the blower to cause some heating issues if I run it at 100% on say a 95 degree day. I'll probably have to come in early. If I was going to do a track only car, I wouldn't have installed the blower in the first place.
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