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Originally Posted by texasmojo View Post
I've been happily married for 11 years with my wife. I would never do anything on my part to ruin my marriage. I'm like the perfect husband. I will also follow our marriage rules "till death do us apart" if you know what I mean. I make that very clear to her.
Well, that takes care of half of it. If you look back in this thread, that's EXACTLY where I was two years ago. I was a great husband (get real- you're full of crap if you think you're perfect), and I came to realize she was totally taking advantage of that and bringing almost nothing to the table beyond a friendly smile- I was just taking care of her and getting almost nothing in return. I was 100% faithful and I did 80% of everything from $ to housework (primarily cleaning up after her) to intimacy to washing her damn car. I hope you remain happily married forever, but people change and sh!t happens, man.

Now I'm VERY happily single. Lots of beautiful, smart, ambitious women are interested in me because I have those very qualities she took for granted (and more). SO-MUCH-FUN!!! Guys have told me they'd practically kill to have my life after hearing about an average week

I 2nd that the OP get a therapist. I did and it was very helpful.

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