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Originally Posted by tom @ eas View Post
The only qualified non-biased answer would be someone that has tested every tune both on the dyno and in a real-world scenario. In the meantime, most people will chime in with the one they've purchased as being "the best".

Here's a recent thread with a bunch of dynos we've posted, all from various tuners:

400 RWHP Club?

There's even one with no tune inching towards the 400 club.

In a nutshell, there is no "best tune" as every scenario (engine condition, location, octane, build configuration, etc) and one's needs are usually different.
I agree with this. All the tunes seem very comparable in the gains they make. They also all seem similarly priced, apart from the occasional group buy. Check with AA, Velos, ESS, Evolve, BPM, OE Tuning, Bren Tuning, Epic, VFE and Vishnu for the best price at any one time.

There was a package deal recently for primary cat delete pipes plus a tune in the group buy or vendor section.

Gains have been reported from simply updating the software to the latest factory version, especially on older cars. This costs much less than a tune, but many of the tunes include the updated software. I would view those tunes as bang for the buck. I would also view tunes that include a laptop flash cable as bang for the buck; others charge additionally for a handheld flash device.