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Originally Posted by X2Board View Post
I get your point, but you missed mine. It's not just about affordability, but if you're spending money for "performance" anything, then the money is better spent on something that gives you true performance enhancements. I've heard an M3 with a muffler delete and it sounded as good as an Meisterschaft race exhaust, droned less, and shaved more weight. I don't know about you, but if I can get the sound I'm looking for without spending a ton for it, why not?

Meisterschaft or Stoptech BBK? Which would be your choice?
Actually, I do get your point. What I merely mean is that whoever choose to buy the MPE, choose to buy MPE for reasons other than just the sound. I actually listened to many exhausts at a meet before committing to buy the MPE after doing extensive research. I was also surprised to know why BMW charges so much more for M3's MPE while so much cheaper for non-M cars (you can check the price for 3-Series). The major difference is in the material Inconel, which you're not going to get it cheap from ANY of the manufacturer. It's more expensive than titanium, weights the same and has stronger characterisitcs. By the way, because of the thinner muffler wall, there is a metallic type of GT racecar sound at high RPM that you don't get in OEM mod. If you have a chance to get someone with MPE to do a 1st gear drive by and then compare to OEM mod drive by, you'll hear the difference. I'm looking for the Ferrari type of high-pitched metallic resonace at high RPM (if you hear a Ferrari drives by at high RPM) and I care a lot less at low RPM (even better if the sound is mute at idle for me). My wife drives a Lexus and she hates any exhaust and bassy sound, if any. Everyone pretty much say the same thing like MPE is a waste of money, but not for me because I know what I'm buying. To me, my money is well spent.

There is nothing "performance" about exhaust. Perhaps you're looking for the right sound that suite you with less money, but I also purchased the right sound that suite mine. So to each of his own. I don't think it's correct to say your money or my money could be better spend elsewhere. What about if I say if you're looking for performance, why get an M3? Your money is better spent on a stock Cayman R that can kill a M3 with ease (

To answer your question, Meisterschaft or Stoptech BBK? I'll get both if I want to. They are not same type of mod and money is still well-spent for both.