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You dont say... another douche in an M3? NOOOOO!

Hi Guys,

normally i dont write threads like this... and normally i wouldnt even bother but yesterday i had an "interesting" experience with a M3 owner that i figured i would share.

Yesterday evening, around 4:45 pm I was crossing the San Mateo bridge towards the Peninsula. I was driving in my daily commuter car, a '03 VW GTI with about 220k miles on the clock (shes a great lil car).

Up ahead i see a black E46 M3 with tinted windows and looked lowered with wheels. My brotherinlaw has the same color/car and he works in Hayward. I was suspicious because I thought it might be him. So i pushed my lil VW all the way to about 85MPH (everyone was doing about 75mph) to catch up to my "bro in law."

As i began to catch up, i pulled into the #2 lane (the e46 was in the #1 lane). I pulled up next to the car and peered in, expecting to see my bro. Instead I see some bald headed teen with a sh*t grin staring back at me.

So... I gave him the 'head nod' of approval since he owns a nice car. even though in my mind i was thinking he is kinda ghetto. instead of getting a thumbs up or any sort of 'thank you' acknowledgment he starts gesturing to race me.

yes... race me. In my old, high mileage, little GTi. At first i was like ugh... teens! but then i started to get annoyed cause he started getting aggressive... swerving in his lane next to me to show how dominate he is.

THAT PISSED ME OFF! and i pushed my little car a bit harder than shes used to just to get away and moved over a lane. On cue, the E46 zipped off at 100+

eventually I ended up catching up since he slowed... my thoughts were, "please just go away..." as i pulled next to him (me in the #2 lane and him in the #1) he was giving me a look... the type of look that makes him feel like hes better than me. you know the look i am talking about...

Even still... i decided to be civil and potentially make a friend. so i gestured to have him roll down his window. so he does as do I. I yelled in to his car, "nice car!" (while giving him a thumbs up)....

Much to my surprise, he starts to give me the "F-U face" while giving me the jerking off motion.

REALLY???????? WTF?

Then he takes off.

OK, so moral of the story, guys like this give us ALL bad names. PLEASE dont be that guy.

Here are pics of his car incase any locals run into this guy out and about... My advice: if you end up pulling next to him, just flash a gang sign. He relates to that.

p/s doubt he would have acted that way if i was in my E92 at the time... makes you think


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