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I really think God is neither good nor bad. God is incapable of living out human exisistance so that's where we come in. We are given free will and full cognitive ability to try to control our lives. Of course control is the ultimate illusion and thus we are never really in control of anything. Imagine if you will a huge (universal in size perhaps) sound, light, wave proof space in which we live our daily lives. Oblivious to what's outiside of that space we kill each other, belittle one another, force our beliefs onto each other, etc. All the while God is learning our lessons, experiencing our experiences and loving our love. In essence we are all part of God. I don't really buy all the Old Testament (or New Testament for that matter) hocus pocus too much. Afterall the books were written by humans which have historically been known to embellish facts (or outright lie) in order maintain or increase their power over others.