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We stand behind our product and our R&D goes into a very high quality product. There are different types of cast and even forging and for the CV3 wheels it is a low pressure cast wheel which is stronger and more expensive to produce than a regular cast wheel. We have an intense quality process to ensure customers can be confident in their Vossen Wheels purchase.

And while most Vossen owners won't drive their cars at the track or drift them for a cast wheel it is very very strong. See below as an example!

Finally unlike many companies we are very connected to the BMW and enthusiast community. We are very supportive of BMW meets, events and are right there with you all.

Would Lexus put Vossen CV7s on a Supercharged GS if they were not impressed?

or a LFA?

What about the Audi R8?

And we are happy to announce this modified E55 running Vossen's just broke into the 10s!

Here is the fastest M5 in America (supercharged) running 20" CV3s

E93 M3 Vert!

Not all cast wheels are the same, nor are forged wheels. We also will have our new Vossen Precision Series lightweight forged wheels (an completely IN HOUSE EFFORT) debuting early 2013 for those that want to take their Vossen Performance to the next level and it will be priced accoordingly.

Good luck with your decision!

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