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I guess it is a matter of opinion as I have zero complaints with mine and love the sound. Not too loud and not to soft.

Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
no it doesnt... i had the Version 1 OEM MOD exhaust. and compare to the M performance it was pretty close i would say the M performance just had a little bit more volume to it and growl.

not sure if its ghetto but when i did mine...

I cut the top opening and sealed it and painted the can with high heat black paint and top it off with a performance exhaust Black chrome tip..

spend 300 including the tips... i guarantee you it was not close to ghetto.. sound was good no drone, and still feels like OEM...

when the M Performance came out it was overly hyped. people were praising how good it sound, regards to quality for 3k, it looks like shit. people i know that owned it started to sell it and opted for another exhaust.. Yes we all know the reason why it was expensive due to the material of the exhaust but if your looking for sound.. I suggest you do the exhaust mod... I opted for version one because Version 2 and Version 3 is just freakin insane... but then again we all have different ears so i suggest to find someone in your local area and start there.

I opted for Akra Slip on due to the sound and quality.. I compared both and the OEM M performance exhaust is just not even close.

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