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Summary: Rovers are more reliable than you think. Super nice. But not something I'd personally drive daily coming from a 335.

Full Story:
I disagree with the comments that Land Rovers are not reliable. I used to think the same thing, but we've owned two Rovers over the last six years (an LR3 and now a FFRR - "full fatty Range Rover") and they have been surprisingly reliable. Have we had issues? Sure, but all very minor and wouldn't have been too bad to pay out of pocket. Once BMW and then Ford had them, their reliability seriously improved.

In my opinion, Rovers are great cars - they are tanks (read: safe). They are also relatively exclusive, look timeless (the full size Range Rover has only been redesigned 3 times in something like 30 years) and unbeatable off road or in inclement wether (search YouTube for some videos and I'm sure you'll be sold ). There is also a very strong community (similar to E90Post when you do need help).

The drawbacks? They depreciate like a rock. But if you are buying used/salvage it shouldn't matter. Here's the kicker one though - I HATE driving it. It is HUGE and, especially at our altitude, is slow. Since it is my wife's car (and she LOVES it), I don't sweat it, but I couldn't drive it daily. When we go on long road trips it is awesome though.