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Car Pull to the Right

I have a new 2013 M3 that has been pulling to the right, and I wanted to reach out to the group for assistance on troubleshooting.

- It started occuring about a month ago when we swapped the 18" wheels/tires for 19".
- It occurs regardless of the speed/road type. The steering wheel does not shake.
- The work was done at a very reputable Discount Tire in the area, and since then the car has been back in multiple times to balance and swap out the front tires, and the issue was still occurring. I was told it was not an alignment problem.
- It was suggested from a friend that I take it to another tire store for the road force balancer. When I explained the history to the manager, he advised the road force balance test wouldn't help in solving the probem, so he didn't think it was worth it forme to pay $100.
- He did check the tire pressure and the front right was a little low, but that may have just been a coincidence because the pressure was fine when I had previously taken it into Discount Tire.

Any suggestions on how else to troubleshoot? Should I still have the road force balance test ran, or perhaps get an alignment check? I tried searching other posts but wasn't able to find anything specific to this scenario.

Thanks in advance!