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Window Swithches - Drivers Door - Faulty?


08' E92 M3. Gave the car a wash the other day, and worked the pressure washer wand around the driver side front wheel well. Didnt jam it right in, but gave it a good wetting down anyhow.

Got in the car after washing, and now the drivers side window switches don't work, and the door mirror does not dip on reversing. The drivers window does however still drop & come up a few mm when opening & closing the door.

Dealership ran diagnostics and no fault codes were apparent for hardware, only a simple message say 'no commincation' with the swithes and mirror.

Anyone had something similar before? Could water ingress during washing be causing the fault? Any suggestions for fault finding processes? I'd like to DIY this as much as possible, as leaving an open ended problem with the stealership for them to fix, seems like a recipe for a smoking hole in my wallet.

Cheers, Dean.