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Just a heads up, the Police in LA are writing some serious tickets right now. Since the 1st of the month i know 3 people that have gotten speeding tickets, my girl being 1 of them for 49 in a 40mph zone, today i was pulled over for no front plate and tint, i told the cop i just bought the car it that came like that and i have had no time to sort it out. He let me slide with a warning.

Just keep your head up and slow down they're on a mission right now
Thanks for the tip. I remember back in late July or August there was a similar period where they were out in force and pulling people over left, right, and center. My guess is that there are quarterly quotas for tickets - it's generally viewed as bitch work by most police and thus left to the last minute - hence the almost seasonal nature of the "surge."

But who knows, it could be a budgetary thing.
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