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Unwilling is not the right word, we simply have not gotten to the street stroker kits yet. We have everything but the tuning sorted and proven - that is actually quite achievable, just need to coordinate and allocate the time. 2014-2015 hopefully

Trust me, I'd LOVE to be able to offer such a solution for sale. We are not there yet, but IMO we are still in the beginning of the mod lifecycle for the S65. In 2012 we built quite a few track and street M10s, M20s, S14s, M/S5Xs, and S54s. For the S65, we haven't seen anything yet ;-)

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So would vac be unwilling to provide customers who daily their cars the gts treatment. Namely the increased stroke on the stock bore with a custom crank and new cams that will shift the power curve to the right unlike the the present stroked motor options (dinan, rd sport). I believe several of the the tuners who frequent this forum would be willing to tune on the stock dme.
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