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Originally Posted by Class-of-2013 View Post
Hey Julie - when you got your car did you treat the leather with anything special to protect and preserve it? I was thinking Zaino products, but maybe it's too early to do that, what do you think?

Also, completed break-in service recently! Went really well, and got the car back in 2 hours. Got to admit, I was revving happily to 8000 rems once I broke the 1000 mile mark.
Awesome! You are going to be addicted I tell you!

As for the leather, I use Lexol and could not be happier.

I know Zaino is very often recommended, and I tried it once, but I didn't like how it made my leather feel on the M3. Maybe something was wrong with the liquid in my bottle or something, but the leather seemed to harden. So I wiped it off, used some Lexol cleaner and then applied Lexol conditioner and it went back to being soft. Lots of people swear by Zaino on bimmerpost so, again, maybe something was wrong with my bottle!

In retrospect, my leather did not need any conditioning, and the Zaino removed some of that FACTORY BMW smell. Damn. But I was too OCD in trying to protect it. I even had covers on the seats for a while. Seriously, I went overboard.

If I had to do it again, I'd just clean and condition the seats after winter, during "spring cleaning". And enjoy that factory leather smell for longer.

On the other hand, I love using Zaino for "waxing". P.S. Zaino will make your Jet Black pop!!
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