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Originally Posted by M3RD View Post
Julie, I see you are enjoying your ///M3 I see you got it with the DCT after all ... the long wait is over Smart move to wait till the first largest purchase was taken care of

I see you enjoyed your ED as well ... did you have some good German food?

Safe driving always ... say hello to hubby for me.

PS. Tip ---> If you edit your M3 garage (just click on edit then save) it will move your M3 up to the top on the list.
Hi Rolf! Thanks for saying hello.

I actually didn't get to do ED with the car, but I did a "fake ED" of sorts, hehe, by going to Germany and then driving several passes in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.

As you know, we Canadians don't get a rebate with ED. The husband was a little hesitant - as it was our first time in Germany, we spoke no German, and what if we got into an accident, etc.? We had a ball, so I am glad we did it that way, at least for the first time. Although if I have one regret - it's that we should have rented an M3. We rented (or so we thought) a 3-series, but got..... a Mercedes, lol. In the end, because of a special that Sixt had going on, the M3 would not have been terribly more expensive and would have been a lot more fun in the Alps!

I loved Germany! We want to go back, including back to the Welt.
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