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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I'll see if I can bring it back.

I've been following the various watch threads and would like to consult your expertise. I have been looking into what I would like as my first mechanical watch and have sort of narrowed it down to Omega Seamasters and Speedmasters, and Tag Heuer Carreras. There are also some Oris and Sinn models I like as well. My first question; is it even worth considering a Seamaster unless you are frequently in or around the water? I love the aesthetics of the Seamaster models, but I don't need a divers watch. My second question; where does one usually look for used watches? Is it just your local jeweler/watch shop, or are there reputable online retailers with used inventories?
The question you are asking is somewhat a double edged sword. The best answer I can give you without being long winded, technical, and maybe even slightly biased (something I word had to avoid)

*if the watch speaks to you, then it may be the one for you no matter what others say*

Now on to what I have to say about them . No, there really isn't a point getting a seamaster, but that being said, I have a bunch of chronometers, and I never use them, so the point is moot because I still bought them knowing I'd likely not have a use for the function.

In the case of that sea aster professional with chronometer, the watch can do depths I'll never see, and it can time a lap on a race track for me. I still own it though

Tag has and omega have a history of purchasing valjoux internals and putting them in their watch cases and arguably selling them for more then they are worth. On that note, many other brands are guilty of the exact same thing. Some will argue that the internals they use are toyed tested and true. And I somewhat subscribe to that line of thought depending how high the price is. Panerai is one brand I haven't always respected for that reason. It is coming around however and I respect it more now ( even owning one)

So, in all reality, it all depends what you are looking at. I bought my seamaster professional for 2600$ and I think I got it for less then it probably should have gone for. I got lucky. Now, both tag and omega also make some watches that are more respected in the watch aficionado world as well. Mostly due to history. But have been coming out with some of their own movements recently.

So, if you're looking for my personal opinion, I would direct you towards the Omega speedmaster professional. It is an older movement, but it has a rich history. It is durable, but is only manual wind, which some see as a turn off.
That seam aster professional I have, though it has a standard movement in it, it still is a strong, sturdy, and capable watch that definitely has more value then some because of its case design. Is it worth the price? Debatable. If you really like is aesthetically and it is a dream watch, get it. Or, if you're a diver and don't want to spend Rolex seadweller money, it's a bargain especially since it has a chronometer as well.

As far as tag goes, maybe check out the caliber 1887. It comes with controversy! So you can discuss its merits with other watch lovers I own this as well, it is a nice piece. Also if you don't mind square watches, check out the Monaco. It comes in a few styles, and one in particular (though more expensive) sports a higher quality Zenith movement in it. One that was even in Rolexes for a short time because it was better then what they could do at the time.

Best place for used is on forums, though you have to be careful how you go about making deals. It helps if you're in a big city. I'd suggest keeping deals local so you're doing face to face deals. The more expensive brands, it can be worth taking it to a service place to verify its authenticity. Sometimes, that's even the case if buying used from a store. They don't always open the back to verify contents.

Check out watchuseek and timezone, they are very big watch forums with lots of info, and subsections for many of the retailers.

I'm sure I may have missed a few things, so please feel free to ask more.

And remember, if you love it, nothing else matters

Unless you have 100 watches and are becoming a junkie and need something that is all in house and hand made, then you have a new problem