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Originally Posted by KingOfJericho View Post
Doesn't mention where it was stolen from and it doesn't mention a locked garage or an alarm. Seems strange that you would put that much money into a car and not go to the proper lengths to protect it. Obviously this is horrible but I'm asking more out of curiousity since that info wasn't in the article...
The whole story is on supraforums as Jess has responded directly there, the basic gist of it is that it was parked outside her apartment as the shop/garage that it's typically kept at was full with other customer cars at the time. Was only supposed to be outside for a few days, they nabbed it in that time frame. Thieves trailered the car away so alarm would have done no good.

I'm surprised that they didn't have something like lojack in a car which they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars building, shame.