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Originally Posted by calintexas View Post
My rub is very slight and only occurs at full lock. It hasn't been an issue. I haven't tracked my car, but a friend here in the DFW area with the same setup (and a slightly worse rub at the same point) has tracked his car without issue. You do have 4 mm less offset (tire sticks out more) which makes your situation a bit different than ours. I'm going to guess if you only rub at full lock that you will be fine. There are lots of guys that have rubbed through their wheel well liners at a couple of tight points
Scary thought...

The guys here are trying to heat-gun and bend the plastic liner a bit to avoid the rubbing. I will get used to the wheel spacing. I think I would rather have a lightly more protruding front wheel than add a rear spacer and mess with the geometry of the amazing M suspension.