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Definitely advise your dealer. They will open a case and even if they do not experience it or find a fault, this case will help if by chance you have failure after warranty. Just curious, have you had any software updates? A lot of these type of issues can be software related. Also, a adaption(re-learn) of your car may help as well. Are you the only driver of the car?

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I've now had 3 episodes of my transmission slamming a downshift at slow speeds (I'm at 49,800 miles).
Situation: Doesn't matter if it's in S mode or D mode, slowing down for a red light, always at speeds of 30 mph or less, when the car is downshifting on its own (never on a driver initiated downshift), from 4th to 3rd or like today from 3rd to 2nd for some reason the car will slam the engagement and jolt the whole car. Since there is no throttle application it doesn't do much other than just jolt the whole car. It's a bit shocking as the downshifts are at that speed are very gentle with lots of clutch slip, but when it slams there's no warning just a jolt.

It's really infrequent, only 3 times in its life and I've owned the car from new, the last time was today and it's maybe one time per year, so obviously very, very infrequent. Anyone else have this happen? I doubt that the dealer will be able to detect anything but since I'm close to out of warranty I wonder if it's worth telling the dealer.