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The various manufacturers have a slightly different take on the actual size of a given tire. Some have squarer shoulders and some are more rounded. The sizing even varies between the various tire models of a given manufacturer. A lot of guys that did the RAC (19x9 +22 front) group buy used 255/35 x 19 Vred Ultrac Sessantas on the front. Some complained of rubbing, and many said they had no issues. There's a photo of my car that shows a mild rub point at the RH front at the following link: Other people had issues at the LH rear. I think that It's possibly due to body tolerances in the wheel well.

You can try adjusting the plastic fender liner. It's likely though that what you have is what you have. M3SORD is correct about your offset. You've pushed the tire out 17.3 mm or about 0.7".

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