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Thanks for the advice! I found a 8.5x20FT closed trailer. 16FT would have been too tight!

Originally Posted by j2m View Post
Most 8FT wide trailer are actually 102" OUTSIDE or 90" on the inside. It will fit nicely in a 102" trailer. If it is in fact 8FT (96") wide the interior would be aprox 84" wide. The problem with a 16 FT trailer is that the wheel wells will be in the way when you open the door. You will likely have to climb out the window but you can make it work.
The best way to tie this car down in a tight space is to use wheel slings and E-Track. IF you use the E-Track + Wheel slings your car will be very secure
EDIT: Interior length should be aprox 16' 6", depending on the model. Length should be fine.

* PM me if you need help, I have done this many times